jeudi, octobre 30, 2008

Damian Marley - One loaf of bread

"Christ feed the multitude with only one loaf a bread!
Poor people there is something for you
Dont let the pressures of the system Get upon ya head,
Poor people there is something for you

Mankind cares not for his sisters anymore,
Still there is something for you
Writen in the the book of life we shall live forever more,
There will be something for...

Rasta works a manifest an it a blossom an a bloom,
Nature always run it course the tide is rising wit the moon,
It only take a spark to put a fire to da fume,
What is hidden in the dark shall be revealed so very soon,
Tell Pharoah free the prisoners from the dungeon an the doom,
Tell di youths fi natty-dread an babylon put dem inna platoon,
Di trials an di perils deepa dan di blue lagoon,
Dem nuh wan fi nuh dem history yuh nuh see say dem a goon"

Pour en avoir plus, c'est par là: Damian "Junior Gong" Marley