jeudi, avril 05, 2012

Django Django - Storm

Django Django, nous présente aujourd'hui le clip de Storm sorti sur leur album... Django Django (chez Because Music) qui est déjà dispo et qui mérite vraiment le détour.

Le clip, qui a été réalisé par Focus Creep et colle à la perfection au rock psyché du quatuor écossais. Allez, on met son tee-shirt délavé, on gobe son LSD, on cherche un arbre à embrasser et on pousse le volume bien à fond!

Les paroles de Storm
You're on the go
You're always wanna go
You want to go somewhere
Where you don't know

And when you run

And when I try to run
You leave me bent over
With a stitch in the road

You are a maze

A complex sum
I've counted all my fingers
And I'm on to my thumb

You are a storm

You are my little storm
I watch the wind change
To find out where you've been blown

Pull it up

And steer it up
This game is over

You conjure a key

In the palm of your hand
You're burning all your bridges
Drawing a line in the sand

We travel far

Catch the last of the sun
We keep on going
Til we've nowhere to run

Look at the hills

They look so green
The horizon is the place
That you always dream

We shoot the nest

Like a bolt from a gun
You're tapping on the door
To the beat of the drum

Hold it up

And steer it up
This game is over

Look at the [?]

They look so free
It's the only real thing
That's been happening to me

You're taking all

You thought was wrong
You used to follow lyrics
Of your favorite song