vendredi, février 17, 2012

K'NAAN ft. Nas - Nothing To Lose [NO COMMENT du jour]

[extrait des...] Paroles
Uh, someone called the cops on him
Someone told his pops on him
He was talking crooked and he had some rocks on him

Tucked, tucked in his socks’ corner

Chucks, chucks and the Charlotte Hornet

Cap, when he flowed then they all surprised on him
Yes, he's a Fugee but he go all Nas on ‘em

Well, can’t go pras on ‘em

And he got that crossover
But he from the streets you don’t cross over

Hut, hut to the block soldiers

Buck, buck to the cop vultures
Nope, no I don’t know pilots

Nigga I know pirates
Violence the islands

Shout out to my idrens

Put your hands up like it’s a mother fuckin’ siren