vendredi, décembre 23, 2011

Soulcrate Music - Click, click, follow, follow

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En passant..
2 frères rappeurs, Wes et Dan Eisenhauer...
1 dj/produceteur, Corey Gerlach...
1 groupe, Soulcrate Music...
10 ans de rap dans les pattes...
1 ville perdue au milieu de nulle part Sioux Falls...  
1 label, celui de Mac Lethal, Black Clover Records...
Qui jouit d'un succès underground important, principalement au niveau local, boosté par leur lives et leurs participations à différents festivals.

Le morceau qui nous intéresse,  Click Click Follow Follow, est sorti quant à lui en indé. Une vision rappée, décalée et sans trop se prendre la tête sur les médias sociaux et les rapports qu'ils engendrent...

Les Paroles de Click Click Follow Follow de Soulcrate Music...
Welcome to a world of always being entertained
Welcome to the spotlight the end of feeling plain
A perfect platform to let me complain
There is no information that I cannot obtain
So like it like it NO! Love it love it
PLEASE! share it share it shove it shove it
Down the throats of the people in the public
And hope you say something that they'll covet
I know everything about everyone and so do you
Show and prove wrote and read it so I know it's true
An older view day old we brave bold and screwed
Either write it on the wall or they won't compute
I'm a socialized socialite open eyed over night
Broke inside over ride no disguise joking like
Pleeeeeeaaaassseee say something that I like
But say something that I don't and I'll delete you from my life
Log in read along latch on to my legacy
Have a happy birthday congrats on the pregnancy
Let me post up a picture that captures the best of me
Here's what I had for lunch no you can't have the recipe
...and i aint posted about my dinner yet
Lurking on your profile scoping out your interests
Another follower or friend request
Nevermind your mom man grandmas on the internet!
So dance to this dance to this yo we mad hot
Add me to your list of funny interesting trash talk
Comment bombing latest song wasn't as hot
Said it wasn't bumping listening through a lap top
I found you more interesting when I didn't know everything
I found you more interesting when I didn't know your every thought
Like... I'm home know but I can't put my phone down
I'm so bored but I don't wanna go out
Up and down click click we go around
I reconnected with a friend from my old home town
I look so proud but I'm depressed with rage
And this fast connection is what sets the stage
I'm so foul my profile is what gets me laid
But i refuse to freshen up I just refresh the page
You can catch the SNAFU
If you tactfully @ me I'll @ you back soon
I'm ignoring your texts cause i'm in the back room
Posting pictures of my pets and my awful tattoos
More bad news cool song cool shoes new car
Don't take too long tell them who you are
Are you? your? you? too far
Two? too? to? you're? damn it U R
Guilty of it I've just scratched the surface
Giving meaning to a life when a life lacks a purpose
We'd rather feel great than feel like we're worthless
So I hide behind a screen reel life makes me nervous
But I can't help it man it's so great
Try to give it up then in hell it'd be a cold day
I want it quick fast now with no wait
So hit me with some backlash at /soulcrate