vendredi, décembre 23, 2011

Ludacris – Say It To My Face f. Meek Mill - Diss Video [Le NO COMMENT du jour]

Juste un peu de poésie... 
[extrait des...] Paroles de Talk to my face de Ludacris 

To you internet gangsta’s
Facebook hoes, e-mail bullies, I can see your camel toe
Instead of talking to a nigga straight up, you rather send a text
Well, I think you a bitch, and you should change your sex!
Hiding behind your phone screen, better run the other way
You playing for the wrong team
Thinking a booty ass, nigga
Oh, take another dude to the movie ass, nigga
I can see you’re Kit Kat, gimme a break, hit him in his face
How you keep it real when you know a nigga fake?
Better hit the brakes when you see me nigga shake
You going into convulsions, hater emotions and epileptic seizures
Put a nail in a nigga, your career is over, hang em up like Jesus!
Amen! Sayonara! Okay then
Next time you crying, tell a bitch, nigga!
But keep in mind, you’s a bitch nigga!