mercredi, mai 02, 2012

Stephen Marley ft Wale - Made in Africa [COUP DE COEUR du jour]

Educate yourselves, of Africa
To liberate yourself, Africa
Keep your heads up high
No more will we cry

Our history that they stole, Africa

Is written in our souls, Africa
Oldest nation on this earth
Know just what you worth
Well well

Ships that sail to distant places

Robbed us of our rising worlds
History says that you've betrayed us
Talking of the Gods you serve
Hear the rambling in the sky
Tears that our fore fathers cry
And today we're still in chains
Take the shackle from our minds
You're the corner stone
The king upon the throne

How beautiful are thou, Africa

Our nation have to bow, Africa
Don't you fall from grace
You're that secret place
Aye! Aye-ah-aye!

Power to the people, Motherland representa

I'm on trial with the man she my co-defendant
And I demand her attention, can you focus women?
I'm getting closer to the sky errytime I hit it
Haile Selassie I, "Power of the Trinity"
Soul made in naija, my voice made in Italy
White mans world that I'm livin' in, some say
But it was Africa the continent we all came from
Can't nothing come between me and you
So before I have seeds gotta understand my roots
Gotta understand the truth. We is all king's 'round here
Lifes not all fair, work till we fall dead
Paul goin' hard 'till I urn like a Pall-Bearer
Although my body's in the U.S my heart's there
I can never be ashamed of her, I got my features and my name from her
Mama Africa

The richest place on earth

Know just what your worth

Talking about the God you serve

Keep your heads up high

No more will we cry

They infiltrate our homes, Africa

They claim it as their own, Africa
Now we must stand tall
To break down all these wall-alls
Well well

Our children must be taught, of Africa

The science and the art, Africa
Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nahhh!

Educate yourself, Africa

To liberate yourselves, Africa
Keep your heads up high
No more will we cry

Beautiful are thou, Africa

A legend have to bow, Africa
Oh Oh!