mercredi, mars 21, 2012

Boy Crisis - L'homme

Boy Crisis, c'est le genre de groupes qui peuvent attendre plus de deux ans pour clipper un morceau... en l'occurrence L'homme. Mais bon, vu qu'il nous permet de nous noyer dans le bleu des yeux de l'actrice (Helene Kuhn) que l'on ne connaissait pas: on leur pardonnera volontiers! Et pour voir un peu de quoi ça parle....

[extrait des...] Paroles:
Our love is like candy
Who will be the prophet?
Who will be the deity?
Did you know that a woman is a woman is the future of man?
And they're bringing home the bacon and they're frying it up in a pan

And I'm coolin' and I'm maxin' and I'm milkin' and I'm waxin' and I don't know what'll happen but I'm gonna have fun tonight
And I feel alright
Clowns to the left, jokers to the right
Stuck in the middle of a shaft of light with you
So what you want to do?

I'm on some drugs
You're on some drugs
Do you want to talk to me?
And if you don't that's cool as well
I'm in the other room if you need me