mardi, janvier 03, 2012

Rapsody - ABC [For Everything]

female rapper rapsody video abc

En passant, les images du dernier single de la rappeuse de Caroline du Nord Rapsody, issu de sa mixtape: For Everything, déjà dans les bacs. Entre Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks, Snow tha product, ou encore Speech Debelle, les femmes devraient être clairement sur le devant de la scène Rap en 2012!

En bonus le clip de A Crush Groove (prod. 9th Wonder) sorti en novembre dernier...

Les paroles de ABC:

ISMA still
BF .. at your neck
see I am not missionary
just like middle sex niggers on top of me like a raiser
I am too Gillette I am no saint tear these rappers apart

A is for … aiming arrows at all you niggers
B is better you get below no bowling I am …
C I don't give a fuck if you like me or you don't
D is for dummy E is for ...F is for fucking
G is for you all niggers I know
H is for heat I am carrying up in this oven
I is for iron I have been pressing …
is for Jamla and K is for killing it slow
L is for Lauren Latisha lighting the light that I know
M is from me and the microphone I have been melting
N is for nothing no one I am …. no
O is from optimist people P is transforming … rapper
you like the most my name higher will go
Q is for my brother coming after me for sure
R is for rapper don't rhyme with a soul
S is for … situation stressing them yo
T is for .. taking time to .. flow
U is for .. sheeting all of you don't 
V is vomit I am sick of you choosing
W wait a minute don't worry I won't 
X is from chromosome 2
watch me pay I am ahead of the way
Z zero niggers here they need to replay

ABC when the flow is too fly
A is from aiming still
B is for at your neck
C is I am not missionary just like middle sex
niggers on top of me like a raiser